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Trekking and Trail in Lanzarote Island

Lanzarote offers routes with unique and stunning landscapes. You will feel freedom while practising trekking, trail or climbing here!

Lanzarote has amazing natural spaces that will surprise runners who are curious to discover trail running through mountains in a different way, crossing volcanoes and feeling the closeness of the sea at all times.

The island offers very technical routes, over earth, lava or lapilli, where you can enjoy the wild coasts, cliffs and the heat rising from the ground at all times.

The Island of Volcanoes offer perfect trail running conditions throughout the year: a good climate, with an annual average temperature of 22°C; circuits for all levels, whether running on level ground, or accumulating metres of elevation;plus the peace of mind of knowing that you can access all kinds of complementary services for runners, such as sports accommodation, specialised shops, or a unique gastronomic offer

In addition, you will find great trail events that are well established with recognized prestige at the national level, such as the Haría Extreme or the Famara Total, in the Lanzarote ESD sporting calendar.

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