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The Trade Wind breezes and the temperature inversion they generate prevent clouds from forming over the Canary Islands.

This is why the skies in the Canaries are amongst the clearest in Europe and are legally protected by the Law of Protección de la Calidad Astronómica de los Observatorios. This prevents light, atmospheric and radio wave pollution and controls flight patterns to prevent any interference with stargazing.

The spectacular sight of the star fields in the Milky Way

On a moonless summer’s night, looking towards the south you will see the most amazing sight of the Milky Way from the viewing point at Peñas del Chache.

Two constellations stand out in the northern hemisphere in the summer season: Sagitarius and Scorpius. Shining especially brightly is Antares, Scorpius’s ruby red star.

Anyone can recognize these two constellations, Sagitarius looks like a teapot and Scorpius, like the long tailed insect of the same name. In order to see the great sight of the star fields in the Milky Way, remember to take your binoculars.

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