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The pleasure of walking

Walking can be one of the best ways to enjoy Nature. read more

CACT Lanzarote Centres for Art, Culture and Tourism

The Cabildo de Lanzarote’s Centres for Art, Culture and Tourism are integrated in the volcanic nature of the island and are its main tourist benchmark. They are a must-visit for anyone wanting to discover the true essence of Lanzarote.  read more

8th annual Saborea Lanzarote Food and Wine Festival- the Canary Islands’ biggest gastro fair

24th and 25th November in Villa de Teguise.

The Festival brings together catering professionals, not only from Lanzarote but from all over the Canary Islands and Spain, to give residents and tourists a taste of their delicious cuisine and culinary treats in a celebration of local produce.

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Ángaro, original music, dance and theater show about the ethnographic heritage of the Canary Islands.

The Jameos del Agua Auditorium hosts the premiere of Ángaro, an original show about the ethnographic heritage of the Canary Islands. Enjoy this magnificent artistic project which fuses music, dance and ancient chants to bring to life Canarian culture and traditional heritage.   read more

Cueva de Los Verdes Music Festival

Rock-Jazz concert at the Cueva de Los Verdes Auditorium

LAURA COX | “Days of Doom”

10 November | 20:00 @ 21:00 | 20€ read more

VIII Wine and Gastronomic Festival Saborea Lanzarote (Savour Lanzarote)

When you visit Lanzarote, you should make time to relax your body and indulge all your senses. Contemplate the landscape, feel the salt on your skin, breathe in the fresh air and discover all the flavours of Lanzarote, simply for the joy of it. read more

Fundación César Manrique (César Manrique Foundation)

The Fundación de César Manrique is based in what was the artist’s home after his return from New York. A visit to the house takes you into a world where art and nature blend to form a single work of art.

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Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve: How to be an excellent visitor

A respectful actitude when visiting your chosen holiday destination contributes towards local conservation. If you plan to come to Lanzarote, the Biosphere Reserve office has set out some simple guidelines to help make your experience both satisfying and consistent with UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Programme. read more

XXVI swim across the El Río

This annual swim across the El Río takes place on the stretch of water separating La Graciosa from Lanzarote, which is the biggest Marine Reserve in Spain. read more

15th Lanzarote Visual Music Festival

The Lanzarote Visual Music Festival was created in 1989, following a suggestion made by artist Ildefonso Aguilar and sponsored by the Cabildo of Lanzarote. read more