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Últimas noticias

Lanzarote, Biosphere Reserve

Lanzarote was the second Biosphere Reserve in the Canary Islands, and it had a completely new component: for the first time the entire territory was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, including all its towns and villages. The perfect symbiosis that Lanzarote has achieved between man and nature is, without doubt, the main reason for this international recognition. read more

The search is on for the best sunset in Spain – Famara is in the running to be voted number 1

It’s just a fleeting moment, when time seems to stand still. It’s as if an ephemeral spell has been cast, shattering the sky into a thousand orange, red and violet-coloured pieces, until nothing remains but the darkness of night. read more

Smashed | Performing Arts Festival

Auditorio Jameos del Agua

Saturday, October 5 at 20:00 h – Sunday, October 6th at 12:30 h

Tickets: 29 € read more

¡A Unique Musical Experience!

There’ll be dancing in the streets as people of all ages flock to join in the fun of this outdoor music festival. Every Friday there’ll be 4 bands, 2 DJs and an entertainment troupe for 8 hours of live music – all totally free of charge!  read more

Jameos Music Festival 2019

A new edition of the Jameos Music Festival is back in 2019 with the best disco, funk, soulful and afro-house beats on the Jameos del Agua dance floor. read more

Lanzarote’s 31st Annual Craft Fair 2019

12th – 15th September, Mancha Blanca, Tinajo.

The annual Craft Fair in Mancha Blanca has become one of the most important events in the island´s cultural calendar and is a must for everyone who takes part in the Fiesta dedicated to Our Lady of Los Volcanes.  read more

Silence, a medicine for the brain

The absence of environmental noise creates new brain cells, improves memory, contributes a powerful anti-stress effect and benefits our emotional state. read more

The underwater  Museum Lanzarote “Museo Atlántico”

The underwater Museum Lanzarote ” Museo Atlántico” has been conceived as a place to promote education and preserve and protect the marine and natural environment as an integral part of the system of human values. read more

Festivities of Caleta de Famara 2019

The fishing village of Caleta de Famara will celebrate its popular festivals from August 21st to September 1st. read more

Fiestas de San Ginés 2019 (August 14-25)

The Fiestas de San Ginés 2019 de Arrecife will take place between August 14 and 25.

The acts and activities will be carried out, mainly, in the Theme Park, the Charco de San Ginés and the Municipal Recova.

The poster of the parties has been made by Fran Rodríguez, a graduate in Marine Sciences and a scientific illustrator.  read more