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Lanzarote, another world under the sea

Diving in Lanzarote could turn out to be the best gift in your life. This small island that offers a landscape of colours and contrasts is home to a whole other world of colours under the sea.

An irresistible experience. And for anyone!

We invite all our visitors to open the window of the senses to the sea, for no other reason than it’s worth it.

The southern coast of Lanzarote enjoys calm waters that are easy to access, meaning that with a mask and a tube you can snorkel and explore the underwater world. This is also a good place to learn to dive, and the island has a varied offer of diving centres, come of them offering the best facilities in the Canary Islands. In Lanzarote you can enjoy your first experience of weightlessness under the sea, taking home a memory that will last a lifetime!

The endless paradise of the experienced

In Lanzarote, the more you dive, the more you want to go back underwater!

Being surrounded by water on all sides has its rewards. The sea floor around the island offers more than 50 outstanding dives within its more than 100 diving spots.

Plus we are lucky enough to be home to the first underwater museum in Europe: the Museo Atlántico (Atlantic Museum). This work of art on the sea floor has become a big attraction for fans of the sport.

Why go diving in Lanzarote?

The island’s location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean gives Lanarote’s sea floor the perfect transparency for diving, with more than 20 metres of visibility practically all year round.

The water temperature varies between 24ºC (summer) and 18ºC (in winter).

The volcanic origin of the island gives rise to a wide variety of marine fauna.

More than 100 diving spots, and more than 50 outstanding dives.

Several dozen diving centres, some of them with the best facilities in the Canary Islands.

The Museo Atlántico, the first underwater museum in Europe.

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