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Escena Lanzarote Performing Arts Festival

Between October 2019 and March 2020, Lanzarote’s Centres for Art, Culture and Tourism are hosting the Escena Lanzarote Performing Arts Festival.

If there is one thing that makes Lanzarote special, it is doubtless the island’s unique natural spaces.

These are locations that have been lovingly adapted to showcase the most singular expressions of art. In this subtle meeting, this fusion of art and nature, the island finds its maximum expression, and the chance to enjoy the results is like getting a glimpse of heaven.

So between October and March, Lanzarote is offering an amazing opportunity to enjoy an exciting, fun and enjoyable artistic programme. Escena Lanzarote covers theatre, dance and circus performances, but also opera, zarzuela, musical theatre, physical theatre, masked work, cabaret, etc. And the fact is that performance arts are nourished by other arts, such as music, literature, acting, by plastic and audiovisual arts… and we can therefore guarantee that this festival will be a complete artistic experience for the spectator.

The programme

Below you will find the festival programme, and we hope that some of these artistic experiences will fit into your travel plans:

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