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Documentary “Las Manos” at Jameos del Agua

The documentary” Las Manos” (The Hands),  is a production by the Art, Culture and Tourism Centre of Lanzarote. It will be projected for free on Sundays at Jameos del Agua.

Directed by Tenerife-born filmmaker Miguel Morales, it recounts the experiences of those who participated in the construction of the most internationally recognised work by Lanzarote artist César Manrique.

The film transports the viewer back to a time when hands, and not machines, gave form to ideas.

Stories that are fun, others not so much, personal situations and everyday encounters with the artist create a touching account. An emotional documentary that also shows images and photographs, some of them unpublished, of the island from half a century ago.

The original soundtrack is composed and performed by Lanzarote musician Alejandro Acosta.

The original concept for the music came from Marcial Martín and historian Mario Ferrer, who has also collaborated on the documentation. Memoria Digital de Lanzarote, Filmoteca Canaria and Fundación César Manrique also collaborated on the project.

The photography and editing of The Hands is by Jorge Rojas, and the sound by Fabián Yanes.

The documentary The Hands is, without a doubt, a documentary that is necessary to understand César Manrique’s great work.

Location of projection: Jameos del Agua Auditorium

Date: Sunday 28th April 2019

Time: 12:30 (60mins)

Price of entry: Included with the Jameos del Agua ticket

For all ages

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