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Cueva de Los Verdes Music Festival

Rock-Jazz concert at the Cueva de Los Verdes Auditorium

LAURA COX | “Days of Doom”

10 November | 20:00 @ 21:00 | 20€

The Cueva de Los Verdes Music Festival programme is underway this year with the presentation of the latest work by the artist from Lanzarote Laura Cox.

“Days of Doom” is an intimate and personal album in which the artist combines blues rock, indie and jazz. A fighting project that aims to get to the heart of people in this world of plastic and armoured feelings.

With tunes like Unspoken, Save Them, Bubi and Dead; Alive, written based on life experiences during her stay in Japan, the singer hopes the audience will enjoy her music, but she would especially like to get the messages included in the lyrics of her songs across.

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