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Category: Lanzarote

IRONMAN 2019 – Lanzarote will host to one of the biggest sporting events in Lanzarote.

Thousands of athletes from all over the world come to Lanzarote to turn into ironmen and women, and participate in one of the hardest endurance tests in the world. Don’t miss it. read more

Lanzarote Fashion Weekend 2019: the festival of fashion, colour and nature

Jameos del Agua is getting all dressed up to receive the fashion event of the year for the second time: Lanzarote Fashion Weekend. The space will be crammed with colour, light and fun at the hands of one of Spain’s most important designers, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. read more

Inauguration of the exhibition: César Manrique. Lanzarote

Taro de Tahíche, César Manrique Foundation.

The mural César Manrique created for the passenger terminal in Lanzarote’s old airport in 1953 is on display for the first time in almost fifty years. read more

Archaeology Museum of Lanzarote

The Archeology Museum of Lanzarote brings us through the origins of the people from Lanzarote valuing its rich ethnographic heritage. read more

Documentary “Las Manos” at Jameos del Agua

The documentary” Las Manos” (The Hands),  is a production by the Art, Culture and Tourism Centre of Lanzarote. It will be projected for free on Sundays at Jameos del Agua. read more

Pedal to the stars in aid of Earth Hour

Pedal to the Stars offers the chance to have a guided tour of historical Teguise and do some stargazing from Guanapay Castle read more

Malvasía Volcánica Experience 2019


A musical food & wine experience.

Lanzarote’s unique surroundings provide a stunning backdrop to Spain’s trailblazing festival that brings together live indie / pop-rock music with a showcase for Lanzarote wines. read more

Carnaval de Teguise 2019

Carnival Programme 2019. read more

Eighth Island Challenge (Desafío Octava Isla) 2019


9th & 10th March 2019

Extreme sport and nature combine in La Graciosa for a spectacular sporting event set in this unique island whose environment and ecology inspire great scientific interest particularly for its geology and landscapes. read more

Lanzarote, the wave machine

Lanzarote is a real paradise for wave riders.

This unique island has a pleasant climate all year around, magnificent beaches and lots of clean waves along the volcanic coast. read more