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Category: Bungalows Playa Famara

Stand up paddle surfing in Famara

Stand UP Paddle surfing (SUP) is the latest trend in water sports all over the world.

SUP combines canoeing, surfing and a fitness-workout and is easy to learn and is a lot of fun! read more

Discover the new Yoga & Massage center located just behind our reception

You will find information regarding all options in our reception.

Surf & kitesurf in Famara

Teguise’s municipality has one of the best spots to practise surf in Lanzarote island, where there is a high number of breakers which vary in difficulty, offering surf for all expertise levels. The quality of costa Oeaste’s waves is well known, such as the ones in “picos de Famara”, the “Caleta de Caballo” or the Graciosa Island. read more

Famara beach. A sports beach next to La Caleta de Famara

Famara beach is an untamed sport’s beach ideal for doing water sports like surfing, body boarding, windsurfing and kite surfing, thanks to the swell of the waves and constant winds.

You can even do air sports like parasailing and hang gliding by taking off from the top of the cliffs of Famara. read more