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Art and territory

To have been born in this burnt-out geology of ashes, in the middle of the Atlantic, conditions any moderately sensitive being,” wrote Manrique.

The phrase is loaded with logic and its truth can be seen in the expression of any islander when they return from any inland territory to bathe again in these waters. Delight. Passion. Peace!

César played throughout his life, madly in love with the nature around him. Algae, sea snails, sponges, bubbles of sea foam, rocks, pebbles, shells of baroque shapes, volcanoes of impossible colours and primitive forms… His aesthetic sensibility led him to look deeper. In Lanzarote’s nature he found first, ingredients for his games and then, answers to his questions.

This backdrop of sand, salt and fire “surrounded my childhood and manifested itself in all my artwork, with as much huge freedom of expression as the brutal surface of the island itself.”

If there is anywhere this can be appreciated, it’s in the public work that he built with the team of Lanzarote’s Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism. Here it shines through:

  1. The integration and adaptation to the environment (“landscape and architecture can be one when they are perfectly adapted to the land“, he said).
  2. The plastic and organic solutions that he proposes for the spaces, inspired by nature and conceived as sculptural works: from the handrails to the lamps, passing through the bathroom doors.

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